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Roof design Works Inc. can perform a Roof Survey and Inventory for all properties administered by your organization, or for specific groups of properties. The survey typically consists of collecting information and identifying the condition on each roof section of each property and is conducted using all available sources:


          HISTORIC DATA:


  • 1. Original and as-built drawings and specifications.
  • 2. Material manufacturer specifications and literature.
  • 3. Roof warranties or guarantees from manufactures and/or contractors.
  • 4. Maintenance logs and leak reports.
  • 5. Interviews, correspondence, and personnel verification.

FIELD SURVEY AND INVESTIGATIONS: The following industry standards and checklists are used by Roof Design Works, Inc. to perform field inspections and evaluate existing conditions:


  • 1. RIEI-Roofing Industry Educational Institute
  • 2. Factory Mutual Loss Prevention Data
  • 3. NRCA-National Roofing Contractors Association Roofing & Waterproofing Manual
  • 4. NRCA and OSHA-Standards for Asbestos-Containing Roofing Materials
  • 5. SMACNA-Architectural Sheet Metal Manual
  • 6. ASTM-Standards in Building Codes
  • 7. ASTM-Standard Practice for Measuring Life-Cycle Costs for Buildings & building Systems
  • 8. Southern Building Code Congress international, Inc.-Standard Codes
  • 9. international Building Codes


During field inspections, each component of the roofing system is closely checked. Signs of deterioration are noted as well as rooftop traffic patterns, signs of poor drainage, collection of debris and evidence of abuse. The condition of roofing accessories (roof hatches, ladders, walkway pads); drainage structures (roof drains, scuppers, gutters, downspouts); and metal flashing and coping are recorded.


In addition, a visual inspection is made of the structure itself, looking for evidence of problems which might suggest roof failure, e.g. water stains, efflorescence, cracks or movement at walls or parapets, physical repairs, or roof deck integrity. We also look for any alteration or installation of new equipment which either penetrates or overloads the roof deck. Special attention is directed toward conditions, which might affect the usability for the facility.


All roof areas and special conditions are recorded photographically, and scale drawings of roof plans are created for each building. Samples may be taken to identify existing roof systems and materials and to identify the presence of asbestos-containing materials.  Roof Design Works, Inc. can obtain laboratory analysis with report of suspected ACM's.


When the surveys are completed, all roof areas are categorized according to their condition, warranty status, materials, and short and long-term repair or replacement priorities. This information will be furnished to you by Roof Design Works, Inc. in electronic format, including CAD drawings, and/or printed form as desired.


With the completed survey and inventory, your organization can establish:


IMMEDIATE NEEDS: Those which must be done without delay to stop active leaks, on-going damage, and to keep water out of the roof system and building.


SHORT-TERM NEEDS: Those which must be done soon to maintain and extend serviceability.


LONG-TERM NEEDS: Those which will be necessary at the end of a planned Life-Service Period.





Roof Survey and Inventory

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