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Roof Design Works, Inc. can serve as your Roof Consultant on construction projects. We can work with your Architect, or we can contract directly with a local licensed Architectural firm with whom we are familiar, and have successfully worked with in the past to provide:

1.         Plans and Specifications and other Contract Documents suitable for Bidding and Construction.

2.         Review the Plans and Specifications concerning the roof systems and roof related components as prepared by the chosen Architects and Engineers.

3.         Conduct informational meetings with A/E team and Contractors in order to insure application and conformance with the Roof System Standards.

4.         Conduct periodic QA observations concerning roof system and related components with written reports for use by all parties.

5.         Conduct final inspection and assist with project closeout, including final punchlist by Roof Design Works, Inc. and the roof system manufacturer.

6.         Assist the Owner and the A/E in obtaining the proper roof warranties.


Therefore, the PLANS & SPECIFICATIONS should include "front-end" requirements as well as making sure those requirements are conveyed to the field and are properly executed.

It has been our experience that traditional Architectural and Engineering firms rely heavily, if not completely, upon the Contractor concerning proper installation of the roof system and its certification when the project is completed. Roof Design Works, Inc. believes that intense involvement during the Construction Administration phase (during construction) is essential to receiving an adequate roof system. We insist on observing the installation of the roofing system, and we do not approve additional application until previous installation is acceptable. Likewise, the thoroughness of our final inspection punch list is far more extensive than most A/E's or manufacturers provide.

Finally, we have found that in the traditional role of the A/E, a roof warranty is frequently forgotten, misplaced, or simply not issued by the manufacturer. As we discuss in other sections, this does not have to occur, and Roof Design Works, Inc. can provide assistance to ensure that the Owner receives all possible warranty protection and service.

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