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At the successful of every roofing project, a warranty or guarantee should be issued for that particular scope of work. This document should clearly denote the responsible parties, i.e. the owner, contractor, and manufacturer, and should list the responsibilities of each to insure that the warranty remains in effect for the life of the roof. Warranties should stipulate for the performance of the roof installation and the roof materials.


Every roof must be properly maintained, even those under warranty. Manufacturers require periodic maintenance and inspection to keep a warranty in full force and effect. To maximize the return on you investment, maintenance is not only essential, but also required.


Unfortunately, many owners are not knowledgeable concerning the construction industry, especially roofing, and either through oversight or naiveté, the proper warrantuy or guarantee is not issued. However, the owner does not always forfeit his rights if a warranty is not issued. Roof Design Works, Inc. has been very successful in identifying and having warranties instituted in such cases. Also, we will not closeout a project under our responsibility without the proper warranties in place.


Therefore, it is easy to see why many owners and maintenance departments begin immediately repairing their roofs, and at the same time, do not begin the necessary maintenance program. It has been our experience that many warranties have not been tracked or listed or have simply been lost. Roof Design Works, Inc. can assist you and your organization to identify which roof areas are under warranty and which roof areas might possibly have warranties restored.




Identifying Roof Warranties 

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