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 Assume a new 40,000 SF roof is installed at a cost of $5.00/SF:

40,000 x $5.00 = $200,000 Total Cost

 Warrantied Life-Span:

$200,000 ÷ 10 years = $20,000 cost per year 

 If preventive maintenance program costs $0.02/SF per year, the total maintenance cost would be:

 40,000 x $0.02 x 10 years = $8,000.00

 Therefore, the average cost of the new roof per year would be:


 However, it has been shown that a successful preventive maintenance program can increase the useful life of a roof by 50% or more. Extend the life to 15 years, and the average cost of the roof per tear would be:


Therefore, in this example, an increase of 4% in the initial budget resulted in an annual savings over 15 years of 30%. In addition to extending the life of the roof and increasing the annual cost-benefits of the initial investment, the preventive maintenance also helps defer major capital outlay for reroofing. Using preventive maintenance to extend roof life is very cost effective, but to realize the full benefits of a maintenance program, it must start when the roof is new and be consistently followed.         

Roof Design Works, Inc. can provide the training for your personnel and assist you in establishing a maintenance operation capable of performing all roofing maintenance and repair tasks. Certification in various roof types and techniques is available and recommended in order to realize the optimum cost - benefit performance from your roofing investment.

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